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We provide high quality Taxi serveces in Wakayama, with best “OMOTENASHI" mind.

Confotable and Kindness service from Kansai International Airport and Wakayama City to World Heretage Spots like Koya-san, Kumano kodo.....etc, available at a Fixed Price.

We look forward to your visit !! 

Images belong to  the Wakayama Tourism Federation
Kansai International Airport
Wakayama City
KIX or Wakayama City
Fixed Price
To KIX or Wakayama City
From  Kansai International Airport
From Wakayama City
To KIX or Wakayama City
Car Type
ジャンボ アルファード.jpg

[ Large (Minivan) ]

・The number of passengers


     :Up to 9 people


     : Up to 6 people  (recommended: 4 people)


   Multiple large suit cases (about 90 L) are able to

   be carried.

  (It may vary depending on the number of passengers)

Latest Japanese Taxi vehicle 

[ Normal ]

・The number of passengers

    Up to 4 people (recommended: 2~3 people)


    large suit case (about 90L): 2 cases

You can keep riding in a wheelchair,
and Driver  (who has a helper license ) 
will help you.

[ Care Vehicle ]

・The number of passengers

    Up to 3 people (In a wheelchair and 2 people)


    large suit case (about 90L): 2 cases

※Please tell us your  plan, the fare is not fixed.  

SOGO TAXI Basic Serveces
welcome board.png

1.Welcome you with a "Name Board"

We will wait you with name board at the gate of Airport , Hotel entrance, Station gate etc.

2.Latest interpretation device

We have Latest interpretation device(Poketalk), which will help our communication.


we only have a limited number of this item.

3.Best OMOTENASHI mind

Our Drivers are kindly and familiar  with WAKAYAMA, so, they will  entertain  all visitors in various scenes.

if you have any requests, please tell us  freely.

4.Advanced payment (via PayPal)

You can pay in advance and all fares are fixed, so, you don't  need to worry  about payment. (service fee also included )

5.Latest Taxi Vehicle 

Latest Taxi vehicle (JAPAN TAXI) will pick you up, which has wide rear seat and luggage space, so, all customers can feel more comfortable. 


[ About reservation ]

In principle, online reservations are available 3 days before the date of the usage.

We can accept reservation anytime when  you call us by phone (Sorry Japanese only), please ask your hotel staff etc.   

[ About cancel ]

Our cancel conditions are specified on Cancellation Policy,

if you cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible. ​

Only Japanese is available in making a reservation, cancel, etc, by Phone.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

[ About payment method ]

Online reservations are required to make an advanced payment via PayPal.

The settlement URL will be delivered via e-mail after confirming your reservation.


Payment on the spot is required for a reservation that is made less than 3 days from the date of the usage.

“Cash”, “Rakuten Pay・PayPay” (Japanese QR code settlement) and Alipay are available as one of the payment methods.

Credit card payments are required to notify us one day before the date of the usage.


TEL: +81-73-471-5111  / +81-73-473-5500  E-mail:

(Only Japanese is available by phone.  We kindly ask for your understanding.)​

Official Online Travel Guide
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Wakayama City Toursit Association
Wakayama  Tourism Federation
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